UC Berkeley Hack Day: 1st Place!


Our hack: The Psychic Hotline, a mashup of the Skype API, AT&T Research Lab's text-to-speech engine, and our own webcrawler for www.20Q.net, all tied together with Java.

Go to www.20q.net and have it read your mind in 20 questions or less. Impressed? We interfaced 20Q.net with Skype and AT&T's amazing text-to-speech engine in order to create a psychic hotline that can guess whatever you're thinking in 20 questions or less. Users answer the psychic's questions with their keypads, i.e., 1 for Yes, 2 for No, 3 for Sometimes, 4 for Rarely, etc. The psychic guesses with amazing accuracy.

Our team: The Seg Faults (Ryan Luecke, Stewart He, and Gabor Angeli)

News: We will be going to Yahoo Headquarters to represent UC Berkeley in the University Showdown versus Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More information can be found on Yahoo's Hack Day site.

Photos: click here to view them.

Contact us: hackers <at> inv.entio.us

Thanks for the Nintendo Wiis, Yahoo!